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Wikitoria Tuhakaraina-Simon

Tainui, Te Araawa, Mataatua, Ngaati Hauaa, Te Whakatoohea, Naai Tuuhoe me Ngaati Rangiwewehi

Wikitoria has Tainui, Te Araawa and Mataatua ancestry.  She is Ngaati Hauaa, Te Whakatoohea, Naai Tuuhoe me Ngaati Rangiwewehi. At the age of six Wikitoria was taught poi by her grandmother Titia Margaret Williams-Lane for Miriwai Paa Wars held every two years at Opape Marae. By the age of twelve she was working alongside two creators of poi in Ngaati Rangiwewehi Senior Cultural Group, including her mother Huia Hahunga and aunt the late Atareta Maxwell. It was then the well-known Irirangi Tiakiawa Poi Patu Wiremu Williams guided her towards another style of poi. Today she continues to practice, creating poi with her younger sister Joanna Hoana Titia Tuhakaraina. She has also tutored many groups.


Mauri o te Poi

Harakeke, muka, raupo, Kiekie, piingao, customary pigments and dyes, hue, acrylic paint, feathers, pounamu, stone, shell, wire light, 2023

My style of poi is shown through whakapapa, my heritage that makes me who I am and te mauri o te poi is that which I demonstrate and share with the world. Poi nga hau e wha displayed represent four elements with the fifth representing Ira tangata. The waahine maramataka: twelve cycles, nine months and four seasons are explored in these works. Customary materials and processes have been employed alongside the power of geothermal waters mixed with ochre and korowai, and the gifts of the ngaahere.

When you feel drained go outside with your poi and swing your poi gracefully in front of you. Let the koohu take you to enjoy the beauty of the mist maiden and her sisters. There you will see Uenuku and his spectacular colours brighter than on Earth. Let them give you what you require. You need to be silent in mind to let them in and talk to you … tune in to them, they have a higher frequency, just take it all in … it may transform you and those around you

PRICING Nga Hou e wha

  • Te Mauri o Te Poi, mist maiden and sisters $403.50
  • Hine-i-te-Hue — hue whiu poi $201.75
  • Te Tangata — raupo, muka, piu$161.40Sold
  • Harakeke and nikau paper lamp$336.25

For sales enquiries, please contact the artist directly: wikituhaks@gmail.com