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Tipare Nga

Ngaati Maniapoto

Ngaati Waiora (Ngaati Maniapoto) multi-disciplinary artist Tīpare is a storyteller who has crafted a career as a director, activist, musician and producer. Whether she is telling her stories through music, visual arts, fashion or documentary — Tīpare skilfully weaves together the knowledge she has collected from her life experiences and funnels it into her art. Having grown up with her mother who worked in live touring sound and band rehearsal, and born to a musician father, travel and the arts have been a strong presence in her life from a young age. Even though much of her upbringing was overseas, which infused her with exposure to multiple cultural and artistic influences, she has always maintained enduring whaanau (family) roots and connections in Aotearoa New Zealand — where she returned to live in her 20s straight back into the arms of her kuia and hapuu and iwi.

Stella, He Wai

Acrylic paint on wood, series of four, moving image, sound, 6 min 50 sec

The multi-disciplinary work I have created is in honour of living and residing in Waikato, next to the awa. I am focusing on the whetuu related to water — Waitaa, Waitii, Waipuna-a-rangi, and Ururangi, who carries droplets of water through wind and also affects movement of water bodies. My work has two components, physical representations of the connectivity between earth and space — via the creation of painted ‘pou’, and an art film capturing and exploring snippets of an ‘ira tangata’ (human descendant) life during a Matariki year here in Kirikiriroa, Waikato.

For sales enquiries please contact the artist directly: tipare@yahoo.com