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Regan Balzer

Ngaati Ranginui, Te Arawa, Ngaati Kirihika

Ki te wehe atu, kei hea raa ahau?
Where would you find me if I was to depart?
Kei te kaakaarauritanga o te raa,
Look to the scarlet-amber
blaze of the setting light,
Kei te tiiramarama o ngaa whetuu,
Search the luminous twinkling
in the stars at night,
Kei te hau maiangiangi e pupuhi nei,
Notice the gentle morning breeze
upon your cheek,
Kei te kohu e memeha haere ana … kia kitea,
As the morning mist lifts to
reveal that which you seek.
Kei reira ahau.
That is where I will be.

Regan Balzer artworks are motivated by narratives of the land, people and culture.  Regan has had an expansive career in the arts, exhibiting extensively (in group and solo shows) throughout New Zealand as well as internationally (including Italy, America, Australia & Tahiti). Regan’s recent works explore and push the parameters of paint in different mediums, including commissions, digital work, large scale works and performative practices.


In a Golden Frame

Acrylic paintings on canvas

This artwork reflects on the aspect of Matariki, where we remember and pay tribute to those who have passed on. As we come into this world, we are tangible beings, connected in many ways with the world around us.  When we leave this world, our matter still exists, but it is reformed. It is then, we are not just in one place, we can be found in many.

For sales enquiries, please contact the artist directly: reganbalzer@gmail.com