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Pati Tyrell

Samoa, Aotearoa

Pati Tyrell is a Samoan interdisciplinary artist with a strong focus on performance. Utilizing lens-based media he creates visual outcomes that are cantered around urban Pacific queer identity. He has showcased at Museum of Contemporary Arts Australia, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Centre Pompidou Paris and was a 2018 Walters Prize nominee. Tyrell is a co-founder of the queer Pasifika arts collective FAFSWAG, who in 2020 received an Arts Foundation Laureate and in 2022 were invited to exhibit at documenta15. Pati is a pioneering member of the New Zealand ballroom scene. He is a graduate of the Bachelor of Creative Arts programme at the Manukau Institute of Technology, Otara.



Framed and signed Digital Print,

Untitled installed

As tauiwi I am interested in exploring the relationships Samoan culture has with Matariki and our similarities in ideas of recording time.

For sales enquiries, please contact artist directly: patityrell@hotmail.com